Ching Mo Schools

I am often asked about martial arts classes, and I have my own thoughts on the purpose of martial arts training. Whilst I have a healthy respect for all martial arts (they all have their own unique benefits) a very effective martial art for self defence is Wing Chun. I know this from experience although ultimately it is always down to the individual. The benefits don’t stop at self defence, Wing Chun is also fantastic for mental and physical fitness. Any of my students looking for martial arts classes should look no further than Ching Mo Schools. Ching Mo is based in Manchester under the tutelage of Sifu Billy Davidson, but Ching Mo boasts excellent instructors in branches all over the country and indeed across Europe. Ching Mo is the only endorsed sub-association of Grandmaster Ip Ching in Europe. I’ve been training with this association for years. Rest assured if you want to stay fit, disciplined and informed (about real fighting) then Ching Mo comes highly recommended. Visit: for more details.


Visiting the Grave of the legendary Great Grandmaster Ip Man with my Sigung and Sifu. Pictured standing together is Sifu Billy Davidson (left) and my Sifu Jon Benson (right).

Silver School of Arms

Training in Bolton every Thursday evening 8-10. This is a highly recommended HEMA school delivered to you by the brilliant Dave Casserley. His knowledge is worth any stage combatant’s attention if you want to widen your scope. You train according to the treatise passed down by the old sword masters. Learn about George Silver, Di Grassi, I33 and much more progressing from synthetic replicas to metal blades. Great fun!

Visit them at:


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