Course Calendar 2020

Come and play!

The KAFD Manchester Summer Intensive

Train towards BADC Standard and Intermediate levels with us this August.


10th-14th August 2020


The Manchester College, Shena Simon Campus, 42 Chorlton Street, Manchester. M1 3HW


9am-6pm (daily)

Full Price:

Standard £320 (plus examiner fee) Intermediate £350 (plus examiner fee)

Early Bird:

Receive 50% discount on the price of the Standard and Intermediate courses if you pay by bank transfer before 30th June 2020.

Sign up:


This is a fantastic training opportunity not to be missed!

New students train towards BADC Standard certification in three fight systems:

Unarmed, Rapier & Dagger and Small Sword

Learn how to perform fights safely and convincingly in this week-long course, have fun, earn a qualification and gain confidence in physical performance. During the first four days candidates hone their technique for each fight system, develop a piece of choreography and rehearse it for performance. On the fifth day students get to perform their scene as part of an exam.

Returning or experienced students train towards:

Knife, Quarterstaff and Broadsword.

Returning students can develop their repertoire and learn three new weapon systems (listed above). These three systems are highly prominent and currently very popular. The cross-hilted Broadsword covers a large portion of Medieval history and is especially hot right now with Vikings, Game of Thrones, The Witcher and Star Wars all currently applying its methodology.

Learn how to kick butt and stay safe this Summer. Come and play!

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