“Reliable, professional and an amazing co-ordinator…”

Stephen Rigg – Producer, Viking Television and Film.

Kenan Ali recommendation (Stephen Rigg – SoTD)

“Probably because he comes from a performance background, Kenan understands fully the requirements of both the director and the crew.”

Mark Nuttall – Director, Soldiers of the Damned.

Kenan Ali recommendation (Mark Nuttall – SotD)

“I’ve worked with Kenan on three projects now, and he’s now my go-to guy for fight direction.”

Martin Jameson – Writer, Director and Producer

Kenan Ali recommendation (Martin Jameson)



1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. Kenan is a highly accomplished martial artist who brings the same skill, dedication and professionalism to his fight co-ordination and teaching. Cannot recommend him any higher.

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